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  Comprehensive Research Key Technology
Current situation of foreign organic greenhouse horticulture and its inspiration for sustainable development of Chinese protected agriculture--Liu Nihong, Jiang Xianping, Cheng Junfeng, Li Huiling, Li Wei, Xue Kunpeng, Hou Lu and Xiong Zheng[300]

  Agricultural Equipment Engineering and Mechanization
Development of automatic depth control device for semi-feeding four-row peanut combine harvester--Chen Zhikai, Wu Huichang, Zhang Yanhua, Peng Baoliang, Gu Fengwei and Hu Zhichao[410]

Design and experiment of auto spreading and raking fascicles device for straw braiding machine--Liu Dawei, Xie Fangping, Wu Bei, Wang Xiushan and Xie Jinfan[228]

Mathematical model establishment and validation of bionic irregular plantar surface of goat's hoof--Zhang Fu, Wang Yafei, Ma Tianle, Wang Jiajia, Xu Ruiliang and Guo Zhijun[181]

Construction of visco-elasto-plasticity contact model of vibratory screening and its parameters calibration for wheat--Liu Fanyi, Zhang Jian and Chen Jun[212]

Deformation simulation and structural improvement design for floating collar of deep-water aquaculture net cage--Huang Xiaohua, Liu Haiyang, Hu Yu, Tao Qiyou, Wang Shaomin and Yuan Taiping[141]

Design and optimization of variable stiffness spring for pump valve based on numerical simulation--Dong Shimin and Zhu Ge[161]

Calculation of pipe water hammer pressure with liquid column separation by improved two-fluid model--Fu You, Jiang Jin, Li Yanhui and Yin Rui[142]

Active modulation of torque distribution for dual-motor front- and rear-axle drive type electric vehicle based on slip ratio--Wu Zhongbin, Xie Bin, Chi Ruijuan, Du Yuefeng and Mao Enrong[137]

  Agricultural Aviation Engineering
Cotton moisture stress diagnosis based on canopy temperature characteristics calculated from UAV thermal infrared image--Zhang Zhitao, Bian Jiang, Han Wenting, Fu Qiuping, Chen Shuobo and Cui Ting[379]

  Soil and Water Engineering
Dynamic response evaluation of hydraulic performance based on sediment deposition sensitivity to flow rate of dripper emitter--Wang Xinduan, Bai Dan, Song Lixun and Guo Lin[152]

Influence of red loam particles, fertilizer concentration and irrigation method on clogging of different irrigation emitters--Yu Yang, Xu Wenqi, Song Shiyu, Yang Haolin and Zhang Yijie[160]

Modeling of multiple ions coupling transport for salinized soil in oasis based on COMSOL--Jiao Huiqing, Sheng Yu, Zhao Chengyi and Li Baoguo[177]

Effect of man-made forest on soil moisture of different slopes in upper and lower reaches of small watershed of Loess Plateau--Huang Yanli, Li Zhanbin, Su Hui, Bai Lanfeng, Sun Baoyang and Liu Chenguang[156]

Estimation of greenhouse cucumber evapotranspiration in different seasons based on modified dual crop coefficient model--Yan Haofang, Wu Haimei, Zhang Chuan, Samuel Joe Acquah, Zhao Baoshan and Huang Song[202]

Suitability analysis of TRMM satellite precipitation data in regional drought monitoring--Chen Shaodan, Zhang Liping, Guo Mengyao and Liu Xin[300]

Simulation and verification of overhanging soil layers stability of gully heads in Yuanmou Dry-hot Valley based on moment method--Zhang Baojun, Xiong Donghong, Zhang Guanghui, Wu Han, Zhang Su, Yuan Yong and Dong Yifan[114]

Soil-bin experiment on effects of contour ridge tillage for controlling hillslope soil erosion in black soil region--Wang Lei, He Chao, Zheng Fenli, Bian Feng, Qin Chao and Xu Ximeng[121]

Relationship between rill erosion morphology and hydraulic characteristics and sediment yield on artificial soils slope with different textures--Ni Shimin, Feng Shuyue, Wang Junguang and Cai Chongfa[119]

Experiment on single root tensile mechanical properties of typical herb species in loess region of Xining Basin--Liu Yabin, Li Shuxia, Yu Dongmei, Hu Xiasong and Yang Youqing[114]

  Agricultural Information and Electrical Technologies
Wheat powdery mildew monitoring based on GF-1 remote sensing image and relief-mRMR-GASVM model--Huang Linsheng, Ruan Chao, Huang Wenjiang, Shi Yue, Peng Dailiang and Ding Wenjuan[223]

Prediction of Avian pasteurellosis based on ZINB model and meteorological factors--Gao Xiang, Xiao Jianhua and Wang Hongbin[149]

Adaptive image enhancement algorithm for wild animal monitoring based on Retinex theory--Zhang Junguo, Cheng Zhean, Hu Chunhe, Chen Chen and Bao Weidong[156]

Detection of dairy cow lameness based on fitting line slope feature of head and neck outline--Song Huaibo, Jiang Bo, Wu Qian, Li Tong and He Dongjian[137]

Optimized operation of energy storage systems of wind power based on demand response and cost model--Tian De, Chen Zhonglei and Deng Ying[81]

Moving object detection algorithm in rural substation based on time-space-frequency-domain--Liu Yifan, Cai Zhenjiang and Si Yongsheng[115]

  Agricultural Resource Recycling Engineering
Influence factors of batch dry anaerobic digestion for corn stalks-cow dung mixture--Yu Jiadong, Zhao Lixin, Feng Jing, Yao Zonglu, Huang Kaiming and Luo Juan[134]

Effects of composition ratios on burning stability and laminar burning characteristics of biogas--Zeng Wen, Liu Jing, Liu Yu and Liu Aiguo[98]

Industrial chain optimization of circular agricultural garden based on analysis of material flow and energy flow--Yuan Xuefeng, Yao Yichen, Song Chengjun, Liu Tianchi, Dong Qiang and Tian Yishui[131]

  Agricultural Bioenvironmental and Energy Engineering
Design and experiment on RO brine desalination system by solar vacuum membrane distillation in cold region--Liu Juan and Tian Juncang[105]

Design and performance test of concentration solar PV/TE compound power generation system--Wang Lishu, Feng Guanghuan, Zhang Xu, Sun Shida and Li Xinran[116]

  Land Consolidation and Rehabilitation Engineering
Comparison on evolution of rural farmland use in poverty-stricken counties between flat and mountainous areas based on remote sensing and GIS--Xie Zhen, Zhang Fengrong, Gao Yang, Zhang Tianzhu, Zhang Bailin and Zhou Jian[143]

Zoning method for well-facilitated farmland construction based on improvement of ecological services--Liu Chunfang, Wu Yahan and Wang Chuan[120]

Soil heavy metal sources analysis and risk evaluation of Zhundong coal mine in Xinjiang--Yang Lei and Xiong Heigang[96]

  Agricultural Produce Processing Engineering
Optimal design of photovoltaic power storage system hybrid refrigeration system of refrigerator car based on chaotic ant algorithm--He Ren and Yang Liu[107]

Feature selection of electronic nose signal for vinegar discrimination based on multivariable analysis--Yin Yong, Zhao Yuzhen and Yu Huichun[134]

Preparation of cellulose nanocrystals coated soft packaging material and evaluation of its oxygen barrier performance--Hu Yunfeng, Wei Zengyu, Li Fei, Du Wei and Yan Ruixiang[425]

Selection of nitrite and bioamine-degrading bacteria and its improvement of fish sausage quality--Xu Nü, Li Tiantian, Jia Ruijuan, Zhang Hao and Wang Rufu[117]

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