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Problem and strategies on development of agricultural water management--Xu Di, Gong Shihong, Li Yinong and Liu Yu[30450]

Establishment of integrative circular agro-ecology system for multiple agricultural industries in Three Gorges Reservoir Area--Xiong Wei, Wang Jiuchen, Tang Wenzhi, Kong Wenbin, Zeng Zhuohua, Ouyang Jian, Liu Ming, Wang Guohua, Huang Ming and Xiong Diwen[25685]

Estimation of apple storage quality properties based on the mechanical properties with BP neural network--Li Xiaoyu, Wang Xiaofang, Wang Wei and Zhang Jun[20071]

Experimental study on measurement system of runoff velocity based on conductance sensor--Wang Wei, Li Xiaoyu, Zhang Jun, Liu Quan and Lei Tingwu[17292]

Time for uncovering and covering heat preservation curtain for sunlight greenhouses--Liu Yingying, Ding Weimin and Zhang Jianfeng[13633]

Adaptability of the model for soil moisture measurement based on near-infrared spectroscopy--Xiao Wu, Li Xiaoyu, Li Peiwu, Lei Tingwu, Wang Wei, Liu Jie and Feng Yaoze[13470]

Leveling control system of laser-controlled land leveler for paddy field based on MEMS inertial sensor fusion--[12259]

Runoff flow velocity measurement system based on correlation method--Liu Peng, Li Xiaoyu, Wang Wei, Lei Tingwu and Zhang Jun[10984]

Nondestructive detection method of potato scab based on multi-sensor information fusion technology--Li Xiaoyu, Tao Hailong, Gao Hailong, Li Peng, Huang Tao and Ren Jiping[10420]

Optimization of scanning conditions on near-infrared microscopic imaging for melamine detection in soybean meal--Li Jing, Han Lujia and Yang Zengling[10151]

Design of variable spraying system based on ARM--[9827]

Determination of moisture in chestnuts using near infrared spectroscopy--[9820]

Transfer method among water content detection models for different breeds of pork by hyperspectral imaging technique--Liu Jiao, Li Xiaoyu, Guo Xiaoxu, Jin Rui, Xu Senmiao and Ku Jing[9760]

Soil moisture retrieval using multi-temporal Sentinel-1 SAR data in agricultural areas--He Lian, Qin Qiming, Ren Huazhong, Du Jun, Meng Jinjie and Du Chen[9215]

Impact of climate change on agricultural water use and grain production in China--[9107]

Research progress and prospect on producing biogas from crop straws--Chen Xiaohua and Zhu Hongguang[8883]

Effects of high hydrostatic pressure processing on microbial inactivation in fresh fruit and vegetable juice--Jiang Bin, Hu Xiaosong, Liao Xiaojun, Zhang Yan, Wu Jihong and Sun Zhijian[8863]

Autopilot system of agricultural vehicles based on GPS/INS and steer-by-wire--Liu Jun, Yuan Jun, Cai Junyu, Tao Changling, Wang Liming and Cheng Wei[8834]

Adsorption-desorption characteristics of phosphate by five kinds of substrates--He Kai, Lu Shaoyong, Jin Xiangcan, Hu Xiaozhen and Chen Lei[8686]

Comparison and application of several drought monitoring models in Ningxia, China--Zhang Xueyi, Li Jianping, Qin Qiming, Han Yingjuan, Zhang Xiaoyu, Wang Lianxi and Guan Jingde[8632]

Biodiesel preparation using Jatropha oil by ultrasonic and nanometer catalysts--[8601]

Assimilating remotely sensed LAI into GIS-based EPIC model for yield assessment on regional scale--Yang Peng, Wu Wenbin, Zhou Qingbo, Chen Zhongxin, Zha Yan, Tang Huajun and Shibasaki Ryosuke[8588]

Effects of different straw return modes on contents of soil organic carbon and fractions of soil active carbon--Li Xinhua, Guo Honghai, Zhu Zhenlin, Dong Hongyun, Yang Liping and Zhang Xijin[8308]

Aerodynamic performance of wind turbine under different yaw angles--Shi Yali, Zuo Hongmei, Yang Hua, Zhou Hanlong and Shen Wenzhong[8059]

Temperature/flow field simulation and parameter optimal design for greenhouses with fan-pad evaporative cooling system--Xu Fang, Cai Yanwen, Chen Jiaoliao and Zhang Libin[7987]

Evaluation and decision-making for selecting cultivated land into prime farmland--Wu Fei, Pu Lijie, Xu Yan and Zhu Ming[7954]

Kinematic simulation of no-row feed-in mechanism with guide-rod for corn harvester--He Junlin, Hu Wei, Guo Yufu and Tong Jin[7902]

Quantitative evaluation of meat tenderness by penetration method of Texture Analyzer--Ding Wu, Kou Liping, Zhang Jing and Song Sheguo[7869]

Northern rural domestic sewage treatment by integrated household constructed wetlands--Wu Shubiao, Dong Renjie, Zhai Xu, Hu Jing, Wang Peng, Liu Lin and Liu Zhuqing[7867]

Expert system for tomato planting management in greenhouse based on virtual growth model--Ding Weilong, Xiong Fanlun and Liang Ronghua[7790]

Effect of fermenting material concentration on biogas yield in batch and continuous biogas fermentation with straws--Du Jing, Chen Guangyin, Huang Hongying, Jin Hongmei, Xi Yonglan, Qian Yuting, Xu Yueding and Chang Zhizhou[7765]

Analysis on discrete process of kernels caused by beak pecking corn ear by simulating threshing--Li Xinping, Wu Kang, Jin Xin, Gao Chunyan and Gao Lianxing[7754]

Effects of film-forming combined with modified atmosphere packaging on qualities of Pacific white shrimp--[7718]

Modeling and analysis of electromagnetic force approximate model of high-speed solenoid valve--Liu Peng, Fan Liyun, Bai Yun, Ma Xiuzhen and Song Enzhe[7661]

xperimental study on phytoremediation of reclaiming substrate contaminated by heavy metal--Zheng Jiuhua, Feng Yongjun, Yu Kaiqin and Liu Ximin[7597]

Spatio-temporal changes of wetness index in China from 1975 to 2004--Shen Shuanghe, Zhang Fangmin and Sheng Qiong[7550]

Pot experiment of treated domestic wastewater re-use for irrigation of Chinese cabbage--Shao Xiaohou, Liao Linxian and Li Hongliang[7520]

Optimized technology for aerobic fermentation of dairy manure to produce bioorganic fertilizer by inoculating compound microbes--Cao Huiling, Wang Qi, Hu Qingping and Chen Wuling[7489]

Characteristics and calculation model of phreatic evaporation of sand-layered soil--Shi Wenjuan, Shen Bing, Wang Zhirong and Wang Wenyan[7463]

Effects of electron beam irradiation on the fungi inhibition during storage and processing quality of bulk wheat--[7414]

Technical and economical evaluation model of offshore scallops capture operation platform and its application--Zhang Guangfa, Zhang Bin, Xu Jiashuai and Lü Jian[7411]

Comprehensive evaluation of soil fertility by GIS and improved grey relation model--[7406]

Destabilization of stubborn emulsion formed during aqueous extraction improving extraction rate of total free oil from peanut--Chi Yanna, Zhang Wenbin, Yang Ruijin, Hua Xiao and Zhao Wei[7406]

Development of a portable device for simultaneous detection on multi-quality attributes of fresh pork--Sun Hongwei, Peng Yankun and Lin Wan[7371]

Preliminary study on precision irrigation system based on wireless sensor networks of acoustic emission technique for crop water stress--Gao Feng, Yu Li, Zhang Wen′an, Xu Qingxiang and Jiang Qingchen[7361]

Status and thoughts of Chinese “agricultural north-to-south water diversion virtual engineering”--[7328]

Mapping corn and soybean cropped area with GF-1 WFV data--Huang Jianxi, Hou Yuzhuo, Su Wei, Liu Junming and Zhu Dehai[7317]

Variations of pH value, enzyme activity and nitrogen phosphorus content in protected vegetable soils--Li Fenru, Yu Qunying and Zou Changming[7284]

Disinfection effect of neutral electrolyzed water for shell egg washing--[7282]

Multi-water conjunctive optimal allocation based on interval-parameter two-stage Fuzzy-stochastic programming--Li Chenyang and Zhang Zhixin[7270]

Impacts of different sized lab-based reactors on the aerobic composting of chicken manure--Xu Zhi, Zhang Longli, Liang Lina, Wang Lin, Kang Wenli and Li Ji[7263]

Modeling of aroma quality evaluation of cider based on principal component analysis--Yue Tianli, Peng Bangzhu, Yuan Yahong, Gao Zhenpeng, Zhang Han and Zhao Zhihua[7224]

Monitoring planting area and growth situation of irrigation-land and dry-land winter wheat based on TM and MODIS data--Feng Meichen, Yang Wude, Zhang Dongyan, Cao Liangliang, Wang Huifang and Wang Qian[7223]

Research and design of crop water status monitoring system based on wireless sensor networks--Gao Feng, Yu Li, Zhang Wen’an, Xu Qingxiang and Yu Lijie[7206]

Design and test of low-frequency Hartmann atomization nozzle with stepped resonance tube--Gao Jianmin and Ma Junlong[7185]

Spatial-temporal evolution of total dissolved solids of groundwater in plain area of Yanqi Basin, Xinjiang--Zhao Jiangtao, Zhou Jinlong, Gao Yexin, Zeng Yanyan, Li Qiao and Du Mingliang[7184]

Prickly ash appearance quality detection based on computer vision and its implementation in MATLAB--Yang Fei, Zhu Shiping and Qiu Qingmiao[7137]

Effects of soil compaction on soil physical properties and nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium uptake in wheat plants--G. R. Mari, Ji Changying and Zhou jun[7130]

Estimating rice yield based on quantitative remote sensing inversion and growth model coupling--Li Weiguo, Wang Jihua, Zhao Chunjiang, Liu Liangyun and Tong Qingxi[7129]

Potential yields of bio-ethanol from energy crops and their regional distribution in China--[7125]

Calculation method of cultivated land consolidation ecological potential in China--Tang Xiumei, Pan Yuchun, Hao Xingyao and Liu Yu[7099]

Fingerprint identification method of Pu’er raw tea based on high performance liquid chromatography profiles--[7083]

Recognition of hazard grade for cotton blind stinkbug based on Naive Bayesian classifier--Zhai Zhifen, Xu Zhe, Zhou Xinqun, Wang Lili and Zhang Jianhua[7057]

Cultivated land requisition-compensation balance by class conversion based on outcome of farm land classification--Yu Lei, Zhou Yong, Yun Wenju and Xia Tian[7054]

Optimization method for crop irrigation scheduling based on simulation technique and genetic algorithms--Huo Junjun and Shang Songhao[7023]

Effects of additive on the ratio of remaining carbon of woodceramics made from crop straw and woody materials--Wu Wentao, Xu Xiaochun and Chen Tianhu[7011]

Separation of polyphenols from apple pomace based on different polarities and their antioxidative activities in vitro--Niu Pengfei, Qiu Nongxue and Du Yin[7005]

Pretreatment by crude enzymatic liquid from Trichoderma harzianum and Aspergillus sp improving methane production performance during anaerobic digestion of straw--Zhao Xiaoling, Zheng Zehui, Cai Yafan, Zhao Yubin, Luo Kai, Cui Zongjun and Wang Xiaofen[6978]

Research advances in technology for high-moisture extrusion texturization of vegetable protein--Sun Zhaoyong, Chen Fengliang, Zhang Bo and Wei YImin[6949]

Design and experiment on licorice tilt transplanting furrow opener--Wang Xujian, Song Jiannong, Liu Cailing, Dong Xiangqian, Wang Jicheng and Zhang Chao[6928]

Technology optimization for extracting total flavonoids from citrus peel by enzyme-assisted technique--Su Donglin, Shan Yang, Li Gaoyang, Zhang Juhua and Zhang Qun[6907]

Optimization of the technology for extracting allicin from pickled Allium Chinense G. Don by response surface methodology--Zhou Xiangrong, Xia Yanbin and Zhou Yuebin[6902]

Effect of ultrasonic treatment on rapeseed protein enzymolysis--Ding Qingzhi, Ma Haile, Luo Lin, Mao Liqin, Jia Junqiang, Wang Zhenbin, He Ronghai and Liu Bin[6892]

Research and development of the proportionally-mixed variable rate fertilization system for cotton drip irrigation under mulch film--[6869]

Sediment deposition process for a silt dam in a small watershed in Loess Hilly Region--Li Mian, Yang Jianfeng, Hou Jiancai and Shen Zhongyuan[6863]

Multi-objective parameters optimization of centrifugal slurry pump based on RBF neural network and NSGA-Ⅱ genetic algorithm--Wang Jinfeng, Yan Dongwei, Ju Jinyan and Wang Jinwu[6849]

Operation mechanism of double support vibration separation device for wine grape berry--Li Chengsong, Gao Zhenjiang, Kan Za, Wang Lihong, Zhu Xingliang and Yang Lantao[6848]

Comparative study of crop evapotranspiration measured by Bowen ratio and lysimeter--Qiang Xiaoman, Cai Huanjie and Wang Jian[6847]

Optimization of discharge per unit width of border irrigation based on soil infiltration variability--Nie Weibo, Zhang Fan, Ma Xiaoyi and Huang Heng[6838]

Technology for producing bio-ethanol from ramie lignoellulosic degradation with enzymes--Peng Yuande, Zheng Ke, Yang Xi′ai, Yan Li, Tang Shouwei, Zhu Aiguo and Xiong Heping[6836]

Model for estimating soil evaporation based on water surface evaporation--Li Hongxing, Cai Huanjie, Wang Jian and Zhao Weixia[6804]

Modeling of dynamic contact finite element method for damping buffer components mounted on viscoelastic suspensions--Sun Dagang, Song Yong, Lin Muyi and Zhang Xueliang[6790]

Direct calculation for normal depth and critical depth of circular section tunnel under free flow--Zhang Kuandi, Lü Hongxing and Zhao Yanfeng[6771]

Effect of tillage method changes on soil organic carbon pool in farmland under long-term rotary tillage and no tillage--Tian Shenzhong, Wang Yu, Ning Tangyuan, Dong Xiaoxia, Dong Liang, Zheng Dongfeng and Guo Honghai[6748]

Effect of cooking final temperature and cutting method on eating quality of pan-fried steak--Lang Yumiao, Xie Peng, Li Jing, Li Haipeng and Sun Baozhong[6717]

Experimental study on crop evaportranspiration model based on SPAC system--Tuo Yunfei, Fei Liangjun, Yang Luhua and Du Xinyan[6713]

nspection of tea quality by using multi-sensor information fusion based on NIR spectroscopy and machine vision--Chen Quansheng, Zhao Jiewen, Cai Jianrong and Vittayapadung Saritporn[6712]

Information collection system for diseases and pests in cotton fieldbased on mobile GIS--Zhao Qingzhan, Jin Guangcai, Zhou Wenjie, Wang Chuanjian and Dai Jianguo[6690]

Design and experiment of corn straw briquette stove--Liu Shengyong, Zhang Fei, Liu Xiao’er, Chen Fangfang, Yang Guofeng and Bai Bing[6689]

Preparation and properties of nanometer rice starch--Tu Zongcai, Ren Wei, Liu Chengmei, Wang Zhenxing, Li Min, Guo Xiaoyao, Lin Derong and Zhang Bo[6687]

Evaluation on multi-suitability of cultivated land based on GIS and niche-fitness model--Fu Qing, Zhao Xiaomin, Le Lihong and Guo Xi[6677]

Drying characteristics and model of cowpea in tunnel hot air dryer--Shi Jianfang, Wu Huihuang, Lou Zheng, Wu Zhonghua and Liu Qing[6668]

Response mechanism and simulation of winter wheat phonology to soil water stress--Liu Jian, Yao Ning, Lin Haixia, Zhou Yuangang, Wu Shufang, Feng Hao, Zhang Tibin, Bai Jiangping and He Jianqiang[6657]

Recognition of mature oranges in natural scene based on machine vision--Cai Jianrong, Zhou Xiaojun, Li Yuliang and Fan Jun[6610]

Modeling sown area change for major crops during 2005~2035 at a global scale--Wu Wenbin, Yang Peng, Zhou Qingbo, Zou Jinqiu, Tan Guoxin and Shibasaki Ryosuke[6603]

Evaluation of parameter models for estimating loess soil particle-size distribution--Zhao Aihui, Huang Mingbin and Shi Zhuye[6603]

Analysis on cultivated land fragmentation and spatial agglomeration pattern in Jiaxing city--Chen Hongyu, Zhu Daolin, Yun Wenju, Yang Li, Tang Huizhi and Tang Changchun[6600]

Effects of alternate partial root-zone irrigation on water saving and quality regulating of flue-cured tobacco at different growth stages--Liu Yongxian, Li Fusheng and Nong Mengling[6588]

Effects of broadcast sowing and precision drilling of super rice seed on seedling quality and effectiveness of mechanized transplanting--Xu Yicheng, Zhu Defeng, Zhao Yun and Chen Huizhe[6538]

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